The Other Side of the College Admissions Desk

Parents, you may be part of the problem…but you also have the power to help solve it.

The Higher Education Dilemma

What College should be and can be, is a place of continued learning, problem solving, a place where students engage civically, socially, and personally. This is what we hope students do when they pursue higher…

So Many Colleges in the Sea…So Little Time

Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland

This is why I travel …

Year in and year out, the pattern of events are the same, I read essays, I write letters of recommendation, I help student decide which colleges they are likely (or more likely) to get accepted to. I meet with students and their families to help them dissect the college application process. I help them with the stress of choosing a good fit college. I help students find their voice in their essays. I show them how to apply for scholarships and financial aid. I calm nerves and squelch dreams. …

Tara Miller, M.Ed.

College Counselor - Austin, TX I help students tell their stories

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